"Small Area, Great Possibilities"

We followed this principle when designing our modular wooden homes, in which the balanced combination of functionality and design plays a major role.

By using timber constructions together with modular systems, we were able not only to shorten the duration of the project, but also to better adapt the product to the requirements and needs of customers. An additional benefit of the offer is the possibility of choosing the standard of completion in which the final product is to be delivered.

Our modular wooden homes have everything necessary to become an enjoyable resting place.

Do you want to make changes to the design? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.


  • Short delivery time – thanks to the prior preparation of structural elements under controlled conditions
  • Environmental friendliness - thanks to the use of timber constructions and natural raw materials
  • Cost-effectiveness – thanks to a detailed specification of costs and shorter installation time than in the case of standard, brick buildings
  • Flexibility of choice – thanks to the availability of various module variants and finishes
  • No seasonality – construction works can take place regardless of the season